Team Park City United has available to all program athletes a year-round strength and conditioning program. This is open to all athletes enrolled in a program, and is available to all levels of skill and strength. Our annual cycle is as follows, and an athlete can join in just about any time, though spring is the best time to begin participating.

AGES: typically, we group together athletes older than 15, and then separately schedule training for athletes younger than 15 – this allows each group to work on similar things. The older kids have a more advanced program than the younger ones.


TPCU has training privileges at the USSA Center of Excellence in Quinn’s Junction. We use this facility mainly for trampoline and air awareness work.

The High Performance Training Center (‘The HPC’ or ‘the gym’) is a facility we share with the Park City Ski Team and is located at 1351 Kearns Blvd. This is a fully equipped gym with weights, excercise machines, stationary bikes and other tools for fitness training.

Training Cycle

Phase 4: September 12-November 19

‘Power and Performance’ where athletes continue building strength and capacity while beginning to focus on elements that will specifically help them on snow. An emphasis on agility and plyometrics is incorporated here also. Weather permitting, we will be outside for some sessions.

Schedule: (athletes attend four conditioning sessions each week)

  • Monday through Thursday 6:15-8:00pm @ HPC
  • Saturday & Sunday 12:30-2:00pm @ HPC

Phase 5: December 5, 2016 – March 11, 2017

Once the season gets underway, athletes continue workouts to maintain peak performance throughout the season. Gym times may vary. By this point, training sessions and workouts can be tailored individually.

Supervised workout sessions will be available at the gym during the following times. Athletes are encouraged to attend 2 sessions per week:

  • Monday and Thursday 6:15-8:00pm @ HPC
  • Saturday 4-6:00pm @ HPC